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In Memory of TAMRIA II

Tamria II (243 Halim Shah)

(Ansata Halim Shah x 211 Zohair)


About the Al Tair Stud asil egyptian breeding

Non commercial line breeding to the 9 Tamria tale female line
( Dahmah Shahwaniyah Kamar Bint Sabah El Dahma )
in long term combination with Moniet el Nefous blood (Saklawi Gidrani Ibn Sudan).

Based on the biggest collection of Tamria II (243 Halim Shah) offspring achieved from the breeding program of Dr. Hans Wettke .

Enhenced with the influences of the important mares AK Nawaal, Moneera, Manaya II, Nafteta, Bint Bukra and Bint Magidaa through the owned and used stallions.

Following the Beduine breeding concept:
« The stallion is (only) transporting the influence of his mother and her bloodline »

  • [D] Alle AL TAIR Pferde wurden auf CA, LFS und SCID mit dem Ergebnis N/N Clear getestet.
  • [E] All AL TAIR horses have been tested on CA, LFS and SCID with the result N/N Clear.
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The Breeding Stock - Generation I

Takrima [2000 Mare]
(Mounaz el Din x Tamria II)
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Tahsin [2002 Stallion]
(Pasha Yasin x Tamria II)
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Tamar Halim [2008 Stallion]
(Ansata Sokar x Tamria II)
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The Breeding Stock - Generation II

Taras [Stallion]
(Mounaz el Din x Tabanya)
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Additional Breeding Stock

Authentic Dahab Nawaal [Stallion]
(Authentic Ibn Nawaal x Authentic Diiyah)
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  The Al Tair Stud Breeding

Al Tair Tabanya [2014 - Mare]
(Taras x Taagirah)
   [mehr | more]

Al Tair Mouna [2014 - Mare]
(Taras x Mateefa)
   [mehr | more]

Al Tair Tamoun [2013 - Stallion]
(Taras x Taagirah)
   [mehr | more]

Al Tair Mounaz el Din [2010 - Stallion]
(Taras x Mouna Bint Mounaz el Din)
   [mehr | more]

Al Tair Tamria [2010] - Mare]
(Tahsin x Takrima)
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Al Tair Tamaiyuz [2007 - Stallion]
(Authentic Ibn Nawaal x Takrima)
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