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During the WAHO conference 2007 in Syria the idea of a media platform was created to distribute images for other attendees in an easy way.
All images are free for private download of event attendees and free for the involved organizations.
In case of professional usage, please contact the webmaster for permission.
This picture and video documentation is about the outstanding experiences we made during events. It is a tribute to all our hosts and organization teams.
It contains:
- WAHO conferences from 1996 to 2019.
- AlKhamsa meetings in Oregon and Florida USA (soon).
- Events like 50years Dr. Nagel Katharinenhof, Noble Festival, Asil Club, EEE, ...

Image Download Use Cases
HD images are distributed in 3000x2000 pix max. They will be smaler if the image is a snipped. However a maximum download is possible in two ways:
(Windows User: Do not use the "right-click-download-image-to" function! You don't get full size!).

Single .jpg image download:
Click on the Album --> Click on the image to enlarge --> On the right or below the image you find image data and the word "Download" with a size information. Click on the size information to download the singel image.

Full album .zip file download:
Click on the Album --> On the up right corner you find the word "Download". Click on it to download the .zip file of the whole album images in HD.

Please respect the copyright and contact the photographer in case you like to use the images for media business.
For those who like to attend with images, please contact the webmaster for details.

GDPR / DSGVO / Disclaimer
This is a private non business website.
Any organizer or organization of events takes no responsibility for the content.
This web service is hosted on a private server to keep any online cost for hosting or traffic away from organizations.
All images have been taken on public events of general interrest where acting photographers are usual practice.
Any other information like names of persons are not stored with the picture.
If you have any problem with a image, please contact the webmaster for deletion

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